Annex Bat Reviews/Testimonials

My experience working with Annex Baseball and using their bats couldn't have gone any better. As president of an adult wood bat baseball league, consisting of almost 200 players, I am always being asked by new and old players which bats I would recommend. There are other bat companies around our area in Louisiana that we have used in the past, but there was something that always seemed to make our experience with them less than desirable as a group. At times the bat wasn't solid and seemed to have no pop. Other times it was a bad experience with customer service, shipping, or being sent the wrong order. To say the least, I was looking for a company that I could suggest to players that I would have the confidence in to provide a good experience to our guys.

All of that came together when I crossed paths with brothers Matt and Tony Ingle and their Annex bats. After learning about their company and their eagerness to create a great bat at an affordable price, I decided to give Annex a try. I ordered 14 bats, one for each manager in our league and handed them out as gifts for their hard work throughout the year. The feedback I received immediately was very positive. I kept hearing, "this is the best bat I have swung in a long time" or "I've been killing the ball since you gave me that Annex bat."

The coaches were excited about their new bats and started asking me about Annex. I directed them to the website and some ordered more. Being superstitious, as baseball players are, I vowed to continue to use my old bat until it broke. Only two games later, it happened. Old Faithful split into two pieces and my next at bat I started my new relationship with my Annex bat. I was hooked. I finished the regular season on a tear and rode it into the playoffs.

I have enjoyed using an Annex bat, my coaches have loved them, and the customer service has been excellent. I ordered three more to use as gifts for the Most Valuable Players at our regional tournament and those scored big with the recipients as well. I have been so impressed that Annex bats are now tagged on our website as the "Official Bats of the Red River Adult Baseball League."

I tried Annex bats and they surpassed my expectations. I know they will meet and exceed all your needs as well.

David Pratt, President
Red River Adult Baseball League



Annex Bats have been a staple for Ruths Baseball Ideals (RBI) teams and players for 2 full seasons. Our RBI teams and players average 110 games + using all styles and types of the Annex wood bats. There is a choice of Annex bat we use for the pitchers were facing each game that match their speed and movement of the pitch. We have found that the "sweet spot" is usually larger and evenly distributed. That distinctive "crack of the bat " is evident when hit with the Annex Sugar Maple.

Balance and weight is comfortable and can be matched for each batter with the many styles offered in the Annex product line. Breakage is not common with our extensive usage of the Annex bats, where many times I see "other" bats end up broken in the infield with the handle still in the batters hand! Unlike the major sport chains that use the common "brand name" with new growth wood,the larger grain patterns are easily broken when used improperly. Annex forgiving and hard to break.

Annex bats use a top quality tight grain wood at all times that is easy to see in every bat we have used. Sometimes we had all thought the Annex bat was broken or cracked just to find nothing wrong at all. Overall, the Annex bat product line is excellent, well made and the preferred bat RBI uses in all of our games and tournaments.

John Pineau
RBI Baseball

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