Bat Care

We encourage every player to follow these wood bat care tips to maintain a healthy Annex wood baseball bat:

When not using your wood bat, keep it in a dry and cool place. This will keep it from soaking up moisture and changing the weight of the bat.
Keep your wooden bat clean. Wipe off scuff marks and clean up unneeded pin tar/dirt with rubbing alcohol.

Do not get your wood bat wet as this will add moisture to it, making it heavier. If this does happen, wipe it off immediately and store in a dry place.

Never hit the bottom of your cleats with any kind of wood bat. This will quickly ruin your bat by flaking and chipping the wood.

If your wood baseball bat receives dents or scratches from game-play, rub your bat with bone or another wood bat to smooth out the surface. Doing this will create a smooth, even surface once again.

New MLB studies have found that the face of the grain is the stronger surface to hit on. Hitting this way will allow for better contact and less chance of your bat breaking.

Have a separate batting practice wood bat, this will keep your game bat strong and ultimately lasting longer. These wood bat care tips go for youth and adult players that purchase any wooden baseball bat form Annex.

Warranty/Exchange Policy

Every Annex wood baseball bat is processed through our quality assurance and formost with our 'hands and eyes' for any imperfections before it leaves our facility. Due to the nature of the sport, we do not have a warranty on our wood bats. However, if you receive your Annex wood bat damaged by transit. Please contact us that day and we can replace your bat. If you do not contact us upon the day of arrival, we cannot replace your bat. Because we will not be able to guarantee The Annex Baseball Bat was damaged in transit.

Thank you for choosing an Annex Wood Bat, now lets keep your bat strong and lasting a long time!